A pic he secretly took of me getting fucked at a party

So deep..I feel it in my stomach!

That feeling when it first slides in ??

Smashing Samantha's Shitter

blue baby ?

blue baby ?

Just a casual selfie…

Just a casual selfie…

Shocked my tiny body can take it

He stuffs my ass so good

feels too good to be true

Nothing feels better than this!

They took turns fucking my ass soooo hard!

I'm ready for you now...

I'm ready for you now...

some asses were made for anal

Last night I got my ass fucked

My ass is made for this plug

Fingering my ass always makes me squirt ?

When I'm not in a good mood I'm always counting on anal

Double the penetration, double the fun!

Light pounding

Light pounding

Nothing better than filling our asses together

good anal sluts taste themselves, love pounding

I love stretching out my tight ass.

Pounding Peta's Pooper

Pounding Peta's Pooper

Putting something in my ass for a smile on my face

I wish I could take bigger but…. My ass is so tight :}

Anal makes me soaking wet :o

It feels so good having our asses filled at the same time

Cum in my ass and then I’ll put this buttplug in so I keep it all inside!

The warm & enjoyable mess is always a pleasure to clean up (41F)

First time sharing a dildo in our asses and it felt soo good